The Authorized Maintenance and Sale of CHP Units

The Authorized Maintenance and Sale of CHP Units

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Maintenance of CHP units

We are an authorized service and maintenance company for DEUTZ MWM engines and provide full customer services for these engines of all product types.

INECO also provides service and maintenance for externally supplied units.

INECO guaranties a service intervention within 24 hours from a fault notification. INECO keeps at disposal a large spare parts warehouse with over thousand items.

Supplementary Services

We offer to sale motor-generator sets and CHP units according to individual customer requirements in a 0,1 - 4,4MW electrical output range.

We prepare economic analysis of investment return from cogeneration technology as critical primary data to help our clients simplify their decision. We can also provide our clients with advice on solving technical issues.

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Hr. Králové plant

Type of installation water treatment plant
Year of installation
Type of CHP unit
TBG 234 V8, TCG 2016 V12 C
No. of installed CHP unit
1 + 1
Configuration vnitřní nekapotovaná instalace
Fuel used
sewage gas, natural gas
Installed el. output
1x190 + 1x600 kW
Mode of operation
Reduction of CO2 Emissions 8.100 t/year
Utilization of primary energy heat and power generation
Utilization of generated electricity supply into grid
Utilization of produced heat heat used for own consumption
General supplier .
Supplier of CHP unit .
CHP unit maintenance
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